Saturday, September 08, 2007

The KMT wants You!

Went up to Taipei yesterday for the gaming industry exhibition (more on that later) and dropped by the Blue Note jazz bar with some friends in the evening. After selling my children, mortgaging the house, and searching under the seat covers of my car for loose change, I was finally able to buy drinks there. The female jazz band was excellent, but despite repeated shouts, I was unable to get them to play "Freebird." Still, a very enjoyable evening.

Meanwhile, a reader alerted me to this party that is just yearning for some subversives to crash it. A clever way to get foreigners to shill for the former ruling party! It also shows how important validation by foreigners is for many Taiwanese, especially for the KMT, which doesn't get a lot of support from foreigners from the western liberal democracies.

Event Details

This is Vivi from Trinity PR Company, the one who talked with you this morning regarding the event. Thank you for willing to consider joining us together. Your participation and fully support to the event will be appreciated.

Here is what you are invited to do in the event:

Performing and singing a song in the event, as well as giving a short thoughts/sentiments after your singing. The name of the song is "we are the world".

Here are the event details, for your information.

Part I:
*Event Title: "Show your Love to Taiwan"
*Event Purpose: support Taiwan going back to UN if possible
*Event Host : KMT Party
*Date: September 15 (Saturday)
*Place: Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium
*Performance Starting Time: 8pm

PartII: If you can come and participate the event, the following are the general requirements for the event:

1. We will forward the lyric and mp3 files of "We are the World" to you soon for practice if you can attend the event for sure, and also invite you to join the rehearsal on September 13th (next Thursday, time will be notified by email again) at quadrangle of the Language Learning Resource Center, Taiwan Normal University.

2. Please prepare 30-second speech about your experience in Taiwan. We will invite you to share that after the event starts.

3. Please bring your country's flag if possible (it's optional).

4. The bus heading to Tai-Chung will wait for you in the front gate of Taiwan Normal University, at 1pm on September 15. I 'll be there to meet you guys too.


In order to make this performance better, we will provide transportation and other information you will need. Thank you for reading this message, and wish you have a wonderful evening.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call on us.

Thank you.

Event contact persons:
Trinity PR Consultants


MJ Klein said...

this is it folks!

a golden opportunity to do your best Springsteen! "WE ARE THE WORLE, WE ARE THE CHILLEN!"

someone really needs to show up dressed like Michael Jackson.

MJ Klein said...

I wrote an email to Vivi, trying to explain how the title of the event should be "Show Your Love For Taiwan" instead of "to Taiwan." this was her response:

"Hi, MJ Klein:
where do you see our information?is that possible for you to come join us or any of your foreign friend??

clearly, she couldnt care less about the poorly crafted event title, ignoring that part completely. her only concern is whether or not i can show up with my "foreign friends." in turn i replied that i heard about the event on a blog, and i ignored her inquiry about my attendance.

i already have a reply planned, should it be needed. ;)

Tim Maddog said...

Michael, MJ...

Brainstorming on those thoughts, it would be awesome to hear someone sing:
- - -
We are the worst
We stole gazillions
We are the ones responsible for
Taiwan not bein' in the UN

- - -

... and then raise their shirt to reveal a message written across their chest and belly -- something like:
- - -
Demons, out! (惡鬼滾出去)
- - -

Tim Maddog

MJ Klein said...

well, it's a bit too late, but a proposed alternate lyrics game might be fun. i like Tim's first two lines. i'll add 2 of mine and let's see what we can come up with for the chorus:

We are the worst
We stole gazillions
We are the ones who said to Ma Ying-jeau
"It isn't stealin'."

Tim Maddog said...

Michael, another thought...

Just remember, unless you're vocally in opposition, the media will paint anyone in attendance -- especially those with a "Western" face -- as supporting the event. (Therefore, I'll try to be at the Kaohsiung event showing support for the DPP's referendum (Here's a PDF of the petition] so that more "Western" faces at their rally to show on TV.)

MJ, perhaps Vivi's "love" for Taiwan involves her middle finger, and she does indeed want to show it "to" Taiwan. ;-) On this point, I can only guess.

Tim Maddog

Anonymous said...

this is ridiculous. not too long ago foreigners could be deported for partaking in political rallies. has someone finally decided to change the laws, or has the KMT just conveniently forgotten about them for now?


MJ Klein said...

is this event specifically designed for foreigners to attend? what will happen when none show up? i mean, will the event go on and receive the same publicity if only Taiwan people attend?

Angry Taiwanese Guy said...

I really think it just makes them look bad when there are so many foreigners (even in the US) supporting the 'evil Taidu' movement of hundreds or sometimes thousands in NYC, when none can be found at the major 20-person KMT rallies.

I actually like these KMT events because its the really radical KMT people that often scare those fascist-fearing-foreigners into joining our side.