Friday, September 21, 2007

Daily Links, September 21, 2007

Lots of beautiful stuff on the blogs today......
  • Joe at the very fine blog San Bei Ji says Pot, kettle, black.

  • Islaformosa posts on how to use the flight simulator in GoogleEarth to fly over Taipei.

  • Patrick has an accident on Yangmingshan.

  • Maddog has a great post on the 915 Rallies in Taichung and Kaohsiung, rich with pictures and links.

  • Taiwan Echo posts on discrimination as the seed of ethnic conflict.

  • Both J Michael Cole and I tore apart Kathleen Kingsbury's completely slanted article in TIME on the UN referendum.

  • The Foreigner is back and rolling, with great posts on recent China Post editorials, and on the flag.

  • The Only redhead with a great post on the Strawberry Generation and politics.

  • The Real Taiwan has this weekend's music guide.

  • SPECIAL: Driven in Taiwan? You'll love this carefully diagrammed version of what The Real Taiwan calls "The Chinese Dragon" on a Beijing street.

    SERVICES: Barking Deer Hikes offers short hikes into the mountains. Follow their blog and website links for their latest expeditions.

    MEDIA: The torch isn't coming to Taiwan, according to breaking news from the AP. But look at this finely balanced formulation. Except for the erroneous claim that China and Taiwan split in 1949, everything is excellent:

    Taiwan and China split amid civil war in 1949. Beijing claims the island as its own, and works hard to deny it any trappings of sovereignty.

    The Taiwanese government of President Chen Shui-bian tries just as hard to emphasize its separateness, and makes no secret of its eventual goal of formal independence.
    Ralph Jennings has Reuter's version in WaPo. TIME is back with a hugely truncated version of this crappy article on Taiwan as a Toddler. This shorter version is even worse in its way -- still ends with longtime KMT stalwart Loh I-cheng's quote that Taiwan should be spanked, still doesn't quote the democracy side -- I'll be rending it, just for practice, later tonight.


    Anonymous said...

    Say Michael, in the post from "The Only Redhead in Taiwan," he asks his girlfriend if she should get an absentee ballot. Are there absentee ballots in Taiwan? I was under the impression there weren't, but figured you'd know better than I.

    As always, thanks for the mention.

    Anonymous said...

    Here's another interesting article in Time -- not directly related to the independence issue, but I thought rather veiled in its threat to Taiwan...,8599,1663704,00.html

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Michael,
    I'm just back from China again. As mentioned before, your site isn't available over there. At first I thought that your site was blacklisted, but later I found that other sites that use Blogger software are not available in China either.

    I also noticed that some Wordpress sites load ok in China, like David's, but other Wordpress sites like mine (I use free Wordpress hosting) the page loads, but the pictures do not.

    I think if you change the blog structure to something besides Blogger, more PRC people can have access to your thought provoking articles.

    Anonymous said...

    found an article saying that most americans support taiwans' application for membership in the United Nations.

    Anonymous said...

    Found some more articles in support of Taiwan

    If you have time you might want to look at this article which was 'apparently corrected' -

    with the 'corrected' article here -


    Real Estate said...

    That is a classic move. Wherever it was bread, I find it annoying, and convenient depending on which end of it I am on these days...

    I actually just called it "the dragon", but the Chinese for it is the "car dragon", or Che Long.

    Anonymous said...

    an interesting letter here in support of taiwan, suprisingly from London.