Sunday, September 02, 2007

Daily Links, September 2, 2007

Riding in to see what's on the blogs today?
  • Talking Taiwanese has a great post on the possibility of trilingual education in Taiwan, and comparing Taiwan and Galacia.

  • Maddog blogs on the inability of the China Times to quit making up stories. This latest accuses the usual unnamed US official of claiming that the US could have coup staged here no problem.

  • Fili blogs on the Taiwan-Israel Friendship organization.

  • ROC the Boat has Waldron's rip of the US "Taiwan" policy. Wonderful.

  • Thirsty Ghosts has the tale of what happens when the underworld decides to form a band.

  • Taiwan Airpower has pics of the new Cloud Leopard Armored Fighting Vehicle.

  • The Shorty Method goes logging in a long, interesting post.

  • MEDIA: Taiwan academics warn of anti-Americanism among the population. Ma Ying-jeou says he's going to let in a million Chinese tourists annually.


    Sandy H. 何聖欣 said...

    Kaohsiung Yahoo Group

    FYI--The Connect Kaoshiung link in your forum list is not the expat link it used to be. The name got confiscated by someone (big hub-bub on the list). The end of the story is that 1,000+ members are now at..

    Michael Turton said...

    Thanks. Appreciate it.