Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rodin Exhibition in Taichung

Ni Howdy alerts readers to the upcoming Rodin exhibition in Taichung:

2007 marks the 6th year into the Shining Taichung Arts Festival. Continued this year, we have again incorporated the much loved Jazz Music Festival and Colorful City Festival as parts of program. In addition, we have teamed up Modern Art Gallery, Taichung to win the permission from the Artco-France Foundation to organize this exhibition. 32 pieces of Rodin's bronze sculptures, including the international renowned works, the Thinker, Monument to Balzac and the Age of Bronze, along with more than 100 pieces of Rodin's prints will be on display in this one and only exhibition in Taiwan. Former Taichung Municipal Office, a carefully restored historic building, has been selected as the perfect location for the event. This Baroque style building complements Rodin's sculptures. It is as if we are decorating Rodin's residence in Taichung.

Wow! Definitely have to go take a look.

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