Thursday, September 06, 2007

Daily Links, September 6, 2007

Apologies for the low posting levels, but busy with work. Also had the good fortune to attend a conservation conference about the Sousa Dolphin yesterday, which I will report later today. Meanwhile the blogs are buzzing.....

  • ROC the Boat reports on the US squelching China's move to put the Taiwan issue to a UN vote. Maddog does likewise.

  • Snarky Tofu recovers a great article on the Anti-Succession Law.

  • Fili hits some sights around Taiwan. Great stuff. Fili also provides a list of guides to life in southern Taiwan.

  • nostalgiaphile kvetches about how China successfully markets itself despite being a repressive, fascist state.

  • The Cogitator argues that if you don't feel, you're not truly conscious.

  • Steph blogs on the Teaparker

  • bent rips Ma Ying-jeou. Hope Ma's Mutterings becomes a regular feature!

  • J Michael argues that US pressure on Taiwan will rise, and the US will attempt to lever Ma into the Presidency.

  • Craig has a photo on Nat Geo's website. His work is sure to see the other photos on his website.

  • Anarchy in Taiwan writes on the apparently romantic history of the Communist Party of Taiwan.

  • MEDIA: Chinese Dissident Slams Taiwan's UN bid, thinks Taiwan should apply under ROC. Some dissident -- boy that's thinking boldly and outside the box! VOA reports on the Chiang Kai0shek Statue Park (guess that goes on the list of must-do visits for visiting media reps, along with aboriginal dances and the High Speed Rail).

    JOB: Want to teach in the Penghu?

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