Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oct 6 Shannon Meet up

In the middle of putting up a diary about Taiwan and China at DailyKos, the massive Democratic blog, Jerome Keating sent around his "come one, come all" notification of the next meetup at The Shannon:


It has been a while since our last meeting and I hope you have all had a good summer.

To get back in the swing of things, we will have a meeting on the first Saturday of October, October 6 at Shannons.

I have several interesting speakers for the coming year but none are available in October.

Despite that, this will give us a good chance to catch up with each other and I propose that people bring some information on projects that they are working on or that they are interested in. Make it a "What did you do last summer?" or "What are you working on now? etc.

I will bring some xeroxed pages from the black list books that I saw over the summer and pass them around..

Shannon's is at #6 Dunhua North Road, (phone 2772-0948) at 10 am. Shannons is a half block south of Nanking on the west side of Dunhua. Breakfast options will be the same as last time, however I have the chef looking into other choices--but will only have that confirmed during the week.

Since it has been a couple of months since our last meeting, drop me a line if you expect to be attending. I don't know if Syd is back yet, but he is scouting the prospects of having his book made into a movie; if he is back, he can fill people in.


The Shannon is on Tun Hua between Chang-an and Nanking, next to Dan Ryan's, and across from the Concert Venue. The room is large and there is plenty of space. See ya there!

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Anonymous said...

Michael, just read your diary on DailyKos. Brilliant! Thanks for starting what I hope will be a thriving dialogue.