Thursday, September 13, 2007

Daily Links, September 13, 2007

Some delicacies out there on the blogs today...
  • Tim Johnson, Beijing correspondent, discusses Tom Christensen's speech from yesterday that has stirred up so much commentary. Also weighing in was ROC the Boat. Feiren has a devastating assessment of Christensen's speech.(Full text of Speech is online). And yes, I wish I'd been standing in the audience for that speech! In the Japanese media, Brad Glosserman, executive director of Pacific Forum CSIS, criticizes Taipei for criticizing the US for criticizing Taiwan.

  • nostalgiaphile blogs on the new director of his department.

  • Poagao goes to Okinawa by cruise ship, Part 1. Very much looking forward to part 2.

  • Michael K. does the Hukou Night Market.

  • Battlepanda blogs on weird articles in the media, including the Taiwanese wedgie.

  • Islaformosa asks whether the betel nut culture in Taiwan is really as carcingenic as some claim.

  • MEDIA: The Taipei Times has the latest on the UN referendum reaction. Pentagon wants to sell weapons to Taipei. More on that in a moment...


    JZ said...

    This is truly wonderful. Mad Chen has really gone mad, and now it explodes in his face. It was just a matter of time...Justice, finally! :)

    Truth is that PRC is a more important ally than Taiwan. Taipei did not see the paradigm shift. Taiwan supporters have limited influence, and know only how to make noise, just like Free Tibet people. They look influential, but are on the fringe of the political spectrum, notably right.

    Anonymous said...

    Michael, I don't see anything about the arms sale in your subsequent messages - are you going to write something?