Earlier Picture Posts and Bike Rides


Awesome riding in the Alishan area 
Riding the stimulant district
Walking in Old Taichung
Mingde Reservoir Ride
Biking in Kenting with Joyce!
National Aquarium, Pingtung
Future home of Kuokuang petrochemical!
Glorious Weather in Kenting
Riding Again
June Election pics
Climbing Taroko Gorge
Election Pics from May
Trying the new HS10
Hot Pot Time
Chiayi Riding
Climbing the Da Hsueh Shan Road
Two Trips, Two Taiwans
Random Riding in Dongshih area
Riding the Tea Farms in Nantou
Riding to Guguan
Miaoli Ride
East Coast Ride

Chen Yunlin Security Cordon
DPP Anti-Chen Yunlin Rally, Dec 19, 2009
Gaomei Wetlands Again
Riding in Southern Nantou County
Huashi Street and Wanhua
Riding to the heart of 921
Biking the Gaomei Wetlands
Taroko Gorge photos
Things seen out riding and walking
Northern Cross Again
Egret Selects
Spider pics
Biking Lukang and the Taichung Port
921 and the Shihgang Dam
Political Ads for upcoming election
Riding the Northern Cross-Island highway
Out Biking Pics
Biking the Northeast Coast
the 5/17 Protest Rally
Things Seen Out Biking
Biking from Hualien to Taitung: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3
Biking to Dajia
Riding Up to Hsinshe
Handicrafts Institute and Lukang
Down the lane
The  Lin Family Complex in Wufeng
In Back of Houli
A Week in Taipei
New Year's Photo Round Up
Hsintien Taichung hike
Ma Ying-jeou Graffiti Wars
Collecting the Vouchers
Forkers Burger Restaurant


The Daily Bubble Tea Weds!
Along the River
Taichung and Taipei in a day
Art and Architecture in Yunlin
Temple Celebration
Saturday Gathering in Taipei
Student Protesters in Tainan and Taichung
Int'l Baseball in Taichung
Kaohsiung and Pingtung
Keelung Photofest
Hiking in Miaoli
How many at the rally?
Aug 30 Rally blows away expectations
Critter pics
Travels with Bloggers
Random photos from a rainy time
Pingtung National Tech U
Daughter's graduation
Gorgeous Tainan Day
Tripping through Nantou
Ta-ken Trail 4
In and around Tainan
Defense Stuctures around Keelung
Election Procession Pics
Taipei at New Year
New Year Market
DPP Taichung Rally
Election pics again
Weekend at Sun Moon Lake


Taipei and Keelung pics
Shihsanhang Museum and Bali
Out and about Pics
Taichung Fish Market & Singing
Chinese New Year Random Pics
Weekend Fun
Taoyuan Streets
Yung An Fish Market
Dawn to Dusk in Taiwan
Things Seen While Walking
Tungshih Forest Park
Taisugar Mall, Tainan
Judging the Speech Contest II
Eating with the Family in Keelung
The Blogging Conference in Taipei
TVBS Protest
Winter in Taipei
Hiking and Riding in Fengyuan
Visiting with Andrew and Jason
Saturday, in the park...
Temples and Alleys of Tainan
Here and there in Taiwan
Walking among the hills
Ta-an Beach
The Matsu Temple in Dajia
The Waterfall
Feel the Powershot
Checking out the Bells and Whistles
Yangmingshan Hike
Saturday of Political Stuff
1930s Japanese Firebase
Yungho and Yangmingshan
City of Photo Ops (Keelung pics)
On a clear day you can see Changhua
Bon Voyage, Sepat
Old Japanese Stuff in Miaoli
Hiking in Taiping
Strays and Panoramas
The Buffet Place
Visiting the Investment Casting Plant
Seen on Students
Life and Markets in Taichung
Japanese War Dead Shrine in Taichung
KMT election rally
Vivid Tainan
Gaming Industry Exhibition
Jes' Critters
Here and there pics
Election Selection
Day of Bloggers
The $NT3.25 Vacation
Krosa Nears Taiwan
Nankunshen Temple, Beimen, Tainan
Ta-ken Trail Mix
Week of Speeches
Chasing the Sun in Tainan
Judging another speech contest
Abandoned Tainan
Taipei Hiking and Rallies
Fengyuan Historical Sites
Day in Taichung, night in Tainan
Global Warming Rally


Tripping to Taipei for the Blogger Meet-Up, having dinner with students
Swenson's Meetup, bumming around Taipei with friends
March 06 Swenson's Meetup Photos
Chinese New Year 2006
Ta-ken Trail Number 6
Flower Market, Taipei
Hiking with my friend Patrick
Religious Procession
The Fourth Grade Singing Performance
Pics from a Train Ride on the Mountain Line to Tainan
The Apiary
Appearing at the Blogging Roundtable at NCKU
Hiking With Sheridan's Fourth Grade Class
The Many Moods of Taichung
KTV at the Filipino Cantina in Hsinchu
Typhoon over Taichung
Hanging out wth the Anthro Guy
After forty days of rain
Accident and Aftermath
Taichung at Dusk
Taking Advantage of the Good Weather
A break in the rain
At work and play in Hsinchu, Hukou, and Taipei
The rainy season in Taiwan
A few Scenes from Life
Luye Tea District and Chulu Farm
Trying out the New Olympus
Hoping Island Redux
National Palace Museum
Folklore Museum, Taichung
Critter Photos from Hiking
Tripping to Tainan with my Son
Fengjia Night Market
Kaohsiung and the Love River
Xing Studios Opening
Driving the East Coast to Hualien
Tripping with the Anthro Guy II
Night Over Taichung
Life on the Train
The hardware market
Night and Day in Taipei
Camping at Sun Moon Lake
Taichung by Day and Night
Night and Day in Taipei
Random Saturday Pics
Walkin' Round Pics
New Year Random Pics
Random pics for Xmas
Hiking Photos
Market Pictures
Drive By Shooting
Rolling the Car


Judging the English Speech ContestVisiting Tainan and National Chengkung University
National Museum of Fine Art in Taichung
Museum of World Religions
Talim visits Taiwan
Talim Pics Redux
Cleaning up after Talim
Chunghua Night Market in Taichung
A weekend spent on the road to Hsinchu and Kaohsiung
The Woodcarving Museum in Sanyi
Shangri-La Theme Park
Bonsai Exhibition in Taichung
Politics: Rallying with Chiu Tai-san
Natural History Museum, Taichung
Visiting Changhua Teachers College
Weekending with Friends and Students
Some pictures from life
Weekending in Hsinchu
Hsinchu and my Father-in-Law's Exhibition
Moments from Life
Graduation Pics with my Students
Random Pics from Life