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Vendors set up in a morning market in Hualien.

Taiwan News Commentaries are directly linked, with blog posts, some of which have extensive discussions of the commentary adding further information

17: Pension Reform is Democratic Reform
16: Much Ado at Mar a Lago No blogpost.
15: Taiwan: the once and future Austronesian ocean nation  (blogpost)
14. Yes, the Indictment of Ma is a good thing (blogpost w/ additional extensive discussion)
13. DPP on drugs: not as tough as you think (blogpost w/ additional discussion)
12. Did Chiang set up 2-28? (blogpost w/ additional extensive discussion)
11. Incorporating 2-28 into PRC history (blogpost)
10. The China Threat and Taiwan's Magic Power (blogpost w/ additional discussion)
9. Water Policy Failure (blogpost)
8. Local Party Politics: Partying like there is Noh tomorrow (blogpost w/ additional discussion)
7. Taiwan's untapped tourism potential (blogpost)
6. Hung Over, Out? (blogpost w/ additional discussion)
5. KMT Chairmanship election: Hung makes her move? (blogpost w/ additional discussion)
4. The Gay Marriage Trap for the Tsai Administration (blogpost)
3. The Real Danger of the Call (blogpost)
2. The Fuss over Tsai's Ratings (blogpost)
1. Lessons from Obama for Tsai (blogpost)


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