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Students hold up signs mocking CTI behind an anchor from the pro-Blue CTI news station. Change the channel quickly! says the sign on the woman's left.

Useful and Enjoyable:

Good analysis and reporting:

Corporate Establishment/Pro-KMT
  • In Which Dave Brown of AIT, who can't even get the date right never mind the interpretations, nevertheless sallies forth to do battle with the evil pro-democracy side. It's just a flesh wound! he cries.
  • In Which longtime pro-KMT academic John Copper collects a bunch of conspiracy theories and then says the truth is a mix of them, much as if he claimed Kennedy had been assassinated by the mafia under orders from space aliens.
  • In Which Bonnie Glaser of CSIS informs us that the trade pact is really really good (video).
  • In Which CTI TV hosts uses imagery from the students to suggest they are all having sex and himself basically says he wants to have his way with one of the pretty girls. You may have to shower after this one, it's just plain sick (video). 
  • In Which a WantWant writer argues that the student leaders aren't messiahs, they're just naughty boys 
  • In Which Banyan at the Economist simply conceals Ma's real positions
  • In Which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs defends the trade pact.
  • In Which Buddhist monk and former KMT Central Standing Committee member Hsing Yun attacks the Sunflower movement for being an internal split and full of hate.
  • In Which Shelly Rigger gives an interview for Dissent Quarterly and simply forwards KMT talking points
  • In Which longtime Congressional staffer Dennis Halpin comes out with a full court pro-KMT press. 

Not very useful or insightful, because I've discussed them
  • Peter Lee makes errors and misinterprets in attempting to explain what is going on in Taiwan (Counterpunch)
  • Peter Lee reproduces right-wing Chinese nationalist tropes and writes an apologetic for the deployment of pro-China gangsters in Taiwan (Counterpunch)
  • Jonathon Spangler incorrectly argues that no one will do business with Taiwan if the trade pact falls through (The Diplomat).

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