Saturday, September 29, 2007

Daily Links, Sept 29, 2007

Lots of stuff being shipped out on the blogs recently:

  • A-gu reports on the upcoming National People's Congress in China, which plans to map a new Taiwan policy.

  • Jerome points out that where China is concerned, we're feeding the bully.

  • Craig takes beautiful pictures of Confucius Birthday ceremonies.

  • Poagao takes beautiful pictures in Danshui.

  • Talking Taiwanese reviews a report on Taiwan's cram school system. It's good to see this; far too many presentations on Taiwan's educational system don't mention the cram school system. Good work!

  • Todd goes to Sitou.

  • The Iranian leader's visit to the US and speech at Columbia drew some attention in the local English blogosphere. Here too.

  • The Foreigner rips Ma Ying-jeou for lying about the flag incident. And points to some articles on name rectification in Myanmar/Burma.

  • The Only Redhead posts long and wise on UN day in Taiwan.

  • The Real Taiwan does some photojournalism on the destruction of an old military village in southern Taiwan.

  • Pinyin News comments on the A-do-ga restaurant in Taiwan.

  • HUMOR: Chinese Authorities Execute 10 Million Recalled Toys (via Chewing in the Chung). Hilarious.

    AWESOME NEW TECH: Gigapan for massive panoramas.

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