Sunday, September 02, 2007

Here and There Pics

This week it was up to Hukou for some singing, and down to southern Taichung for some Axis and Allies and poker night, and up to the hills to baldly go where lots of elderly Taiwanese have gone before.

I caught these men taking a moment off on the way up to the highway.

One of the best places to catch betel nut girls at work is on the westbound side of Hwanchung Rd in northern Taichung, just before the highway entrance.

This massive pile of sand marks the beginning of the highway's climb to the plateau between Taichung and Hsinchu.

Hukou, just north of Hsinchu town, is full of images of a vanishing era of factory work.

The proprietor of the little Filipino cantina where I often go to sing with The Bushman. He chronicles this evening on his blog as well.

Michael and I both pics of this absurdly thin building in Hukou, one of many such buildings around the island that seem like a high wind would knock them right down.

In a world without yards, where else can children play?

Sofa moving, Taiwan style.

Another Filipino cantina.

A tree in a park.

Roundball, the urban sport of choice.

A typical street in Hukou.

Still life with wrecked vehicle.

I tried some shots on the sepia setting. They have a nice feel to them.

Bats in the evening above a river in southern Taichung.

Had to get a few critter shots after the rain...

This one hung right above the path.

Racing across the path.

A magnificent dragonfly(closeup).

Pan of Taichung at dusk.

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