Sunday, February 04, 2007

Yung An Fish Market

Mom and kids. Ok, so it has nothing to do with the fish market. But I love spiders...

On Sunday morning I went out with my friend Michael the Bushman and his lovely consort Hui-chen to visit the Yung-an Fish Market in Hsinchu. We had viewed it from the north and the south, now it was time for it a visit. UPDATE: Michael, whose blog on it is here, tells me that market is actually in Taoyuan.

As always, we wound our way through the community of Hukou and the fields around it to reach the ocean.

As you enter the winding road that goes around the fish market, old fishing craft lay scattered by the side of the road.

The famous bridge that leaps over the channel leading into the harbor, offering excellent views. The port is being developed for tourism like so many places in Taiwan these days, a consequence of central government policies that are sending more money out to local governments for leisure development...

What do you do if your boat is in this mess and you need it?

Here's the most interesting thing we saw in the harbor. This crane on a barge, tooling round the port.

First he loaded up on extra labor and gasoline.

Then he propelled himself into the channel, using the shovel to push himself through the water like a man "poling" a canoe.

He headed out to the mouth, where he spent the day dredging.

There's always construction somewhere.

Inside the market, they were busy setting up.

Seafood in front of a restaurant.

Outside the harsh early morning sun was giving way to better light.


The boxes contain birds, probably pigeons for eating.

Auctioning off fish.

Removing the meat...


Hui-chen and Michael decide on tuna for their seafood hot pot stock.

Tiger prawns.

A panoramic view of the port (original at Flickr).


Anonymous said...

Why did you choose Hsin chu over Taichung's fishing port? Wu Qi was a frequent weekender for us. Dirty, something of a carnival atmosphere, limited access to the ocean like most of Straits side Taiwan but some good deals on fresh squid, and lots of interesting sea creatures to ogle.

Michael Turton said...

I already have a page on the Taichung Fish Market in Wuqi on my main Taiwan website. You are right; it's a much better market than the Yung An Fish Market.


MJ Klein said...

Yong An is in Taoyuan actually. Its deceptively close to the airport in fact.

Anonymous said...

Its funny that now you have the update. I read the blog yesterday (although I didn't notice the pictures of the bridge) and thought that you were probably at Yong An (永安) in Taoyuan. Although I've noticed in my travels around Taiwan that there are a few places called "Yongan" around the island so I didn't say anything. This particular Yongan is close to Ping Zhen (平镇). When my room mates and I first came to Taiwan and we got our scooters, we'd like to drive out there alot at night to hang out. I've never been to the fish market though! The Sashimi looks great! Nice Pics!