Friday, February 16, 2007

Taoyuan Streets

Running red lights in Taoyuan.

Yesterday I had the singular experience of being the formal witness to a friend's divorce up in Taoyuan. The divorce was amicable and was processed with the usual efficiency of local clerkdom -- meaning that everything has to be just perfect, but once it is, things proceed smoothly.

Taiwan, land of pigeon castles

The household registration office....

.....has a drive-thru window. How do they get the cars through the door?

At one point we had to get a document notarized by the court.

We celebrated by going to hang out with friends at the local KTV.

Debating music choices at a tiny local KTV. There are thousands of these in towns across Taiwan. They all use the same song system, and have the same 25 English songs, most of them bad.

Back to Taichung....

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