Monday, February 19, 2007

Short Shorts

The other day I mentioned that the KMT mayor of Keelung, Hsu Tai-li, who was convicted in connected with shenanigans related to land sales, was going to be a potential embarrassment to the KMT now that they rewrote the rules to let Ma Ying-jeou run for President on the KMT ticket, and this morning Hsu, just 61, passed away from complications related to diabetes. Thus the KMT was saved much embarrassment. UPDATE: Taiwan News says it was heart disease, and that he was 60. That's what I get for watching TV....

Shih Ming-te, I've heard, is in the US for medical treatment. Yes, your NT$100 donation went to a good cause. Luckily for Shih, the next time he needs treatment, there's one born every minute....

A link to this great blog, Conductor's Notebook, was sent to me. The owner is a conductor living on The Beautiful Isle.

Way cool: Taiwan News has a set of economics indices in graphic/pictorial format online.

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