Monday, February 26, 2007

Marketing and Singing Pics

On Saturday, after geocaching on Friday, The Bushman and I headed off to the Taichung Fish Market, women and children in tow.

The only thing new since my last visit was this shaded walkway...

Sugar cane for juicing.

The Bushman, my wife, and Sheridan

The vendors were setting the food out for lunch, sumptuous colors illuminated by bright flourescent light.

Pick a fish, any fish.

Jurassic Park: the closest we'll ever get.

Lots of big pots of delicious soup.

Cod is not cheap, but it is a lot cheaper here. We also bought a ton of sashimi.

As evening came we went up to Hukou to the Barrio Fiesta to meet friends, eat fried food, drink Red Horse Beer (shouldn't it be Ma Ying-jeou's personal favorite?) and sing like madmen.

Here I sing with one of my closest friends, Jeff.

Michael performs to everyone's amusement. I have to admit I've become a convert to beer and KTV. Hope to see you there soon!

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Anonymous said...

What great pictures you took, making me miss Taiwan's various seafood. I'm also surpised that you would sing KTV, it must be good food and bear to "creat" such great atmosphere to make you sing willingly, yeah !? I wish I could hear it !