Monday, February 19, 2007

Daily Links, Chinese New Year, Going Back to the Inlaws' Day

New friendships for Chinese New Year. And plenty of new posts...

  • Todd has some great pics from his trip to Kaohsiung.

  • Scott Sommers has a great post on social class and local foreigners.

  • Poagao argues that the name rectification campaign is dynastic thinking, and that the DPP hasn't replaced the names with anything significant. Because the name "Taiwan" isn't significant, I guess.

  • Marc finds some useful freeware programs.

  • Wild at Heart blogs on saving a local Taiwan dolphin. If you have a few spare dimes, toss 'em their way.

  • Holly says see the Vagina Monologues....

  • Big Ell chronicles Dog 209

  • Battlepanda discusses marriage and women's names in local society.

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    Anonymous said...

    I’m not sure how Poagao interpolates the name changes to be part of a broader scheme by the DPP to exterminate Chinese culture from Taiwan. That’s a bit of pan-blue talk show rhetoric for you. I don’t hear and greenies denying the existence of Chinese culture in Taiwan. I guess “Chinese culture with Taiwanese characteristics” must be an illegitimate concept…..? After all, Chen denying he is Chinese would be like Poagao denying he is American, right?