Monday, February 12, 2007

Daily Links, February 12, 2007

Shedding a little light on Taiwan....
  • Scott Sommers reflects on connecting the English and Chinese blogospheres

  • Poagao muses on being a local and a non-local simultaneously.

  • David blogs on sustainable transportation in Taiwan. IMHO the Taipei Times has missed an important underlying problem, Taiwan's insane land use laws.

  • Taoyuan Nights has a great post on the Taipei Game Show.

  • i-topographies argues that renaming is all about politics.

  • Jerome Keating has a whole slew of excellent posts....Taiwan's Hakka and Taiwanese Identity: Democracy Remains the Key, Elmer Feng and His Past: Do We Want to Go There?, and Taiwan 2007 Taking Stock IV, Send Out the Clowns

  • Feiren at Rank has a fantastic post on the falling AIDS rate here.

  • SPECIAL: Graeme Bell sent me this link to prize-winning pics. The opening photograph of a wounded marine getting married is incredible. Lots of good ones follow.

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