Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekend Fun

What good things could we find on our weekend?

I spent this weekend hanging out with The Bushman in Taichung and Hukou. So expect more pics tomorrow....

Explosives are an important component of a fun Taiwan weekend...

Fireworks arrayed on a roadside table.

A local alley.

Taichung, Taiyuan Rd.

Michael's friend and my wife enjoy a hearty laugh. We had originally planned to go geocaching on Tatu Mountain on the west side of Taichung, but when Michael fired up his GPS receiver, it showed a geocache less than 1 km away, near the famous Wind Moving Stone in Ta-ken. The stone no longer moves, thanks to the government's decision to "return the stone to its natural state" by cementing it in place. But the cache was there. So we headed up the hill...

Slowly we made our way up the hellish log steps...

Michael heads up.

Michael and Hui-chen take a break.

It was a crowded day at the top. My son attempts to locate the geocache with Michael's GPS.

Sheridan looks on.

Michael shows the kids how the GPS works.

I won't show you where the cache was. Here my daughter inspects its contents. You're supposed to leave a trinket, and take something out.

Each cache has a book and a pencil so that visitors can leave a record of their names, the date, and what was put in and taken out. Here is an entry from those who have gone before.

Carefully we re-wrap the plastic box in the plastic bags so it will be safe from the elements.

Returning back down the hill, we ponder this oddity: a crossbow bolt impaled on a tree. I thought crossbows were illegal here.....

At the base of the hill are several country KTVs. On a Saturday they were going full blast and the road was lined with cars. You can here them for at least a kilometer in any direction. So much for fantasies of bucolic quiet.

Some enthusiasts had even erected an outdoor system with absolutely gigantic speakers.

In the evening, it was out to the local restaurant, where we ordered way too much food...

But ate it anyway....

UPDATE: The Bushman's account of our journey, with excellent pics.

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