Saturday, February 03, 2007

Daily Links, Feb 3, 2007

It's vacation time as we approach Chinese New Year...the blogs have been pretty quiet recently....

  • Doubting to Shuo discusses the traditional vs. simplified debate in the context of language instruction here.

  • maddog discusses some translation errors and other problems with the CNN interview of the President

  • Metalinks: Taoyuan nights has a great collection of local Taoyuan links. What a good idea!

  • Sponge Bear finds weird pro-communist graffiti on a mountain stroll.

  • Five People on a scooter.

  • Jerome Keating on the suicide pact couple that failed three separate suicide attempts.

  • Todd hits a local bike path and gets great pics.

  • Holly got some great pics at the CKS Memorial.

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Michael,
    What happened to your FANTASTIC webpage about Taiwan!?

    Michael Turton said...

    It'll be offline for a couple of more weeks until I decided on a provider and how I want to rewrite and update it.