Thursday, January 04, 2007

Out and About Pics

Kids and friends trudge home after a long hard day at school.

My motorcycle repair guy.

You know those Buddhist stickers you see everywhere? Christians have them too. Usually there's a pithy saying about Jesus and the bottom two characters say "Bible."

"Jesus is coming soon." Hope he gets here before I have to take my statistics final.....

Today's air pollution index just wasn't high enough for this fellow.

...but the workers left this sand here, Dad!

Had a chance to do some hiking this week. Most humiliating. Passing a group of children, the parent in charge asked them to let a-bei through.....I hope it's just the beard.

I know you were...

...missing some spider pics. I especially love this breed. They come in brown or black mottled with white, yellow, or orange, and have white fur on their thorax.

These guys are very tough to shoot -- they never sit still.

Also tough, as they never let you get close.

Out tilling and planting. One of the local papers reported the other day that thanks to global warming, farmers are tilling earlier than ever before.

Looking at all that plant life, you'd never know that they dammed the river, covered the bed with concrete, and then let it resume its flow.

Sky and sun over Taichung, seen from NE of the city.


Anonymous said...

the parent in charge asked them to let --->a-bei<--- through....

Sorry Michael, I just have to point that out :P This is too funny

-CSU Student

Anonymous said...


"Jesus is Coming!"


"Get a towel!"