Thursday, December 08, 2005

Taiwan has some great bugs VIII

Let's turn away from politics to something really interesting: critters.

This fellow dropped in on me as I entered a building on campus. Some creatures just insist on being photographed.

These crustaceans were on sale in the night market last night.

A little mayo, wasabi, and sauce, and fresh miniature octopi make a delicious critter snack.

My son took my out this morning on the paths near our house, where plenty of great Taiwan spiders hang out.

They are very placid and tolerant spiders, and are happy to let you have a close-up. I guess they know they strike fear into the heart of everyone who sees them.

These guys were all small, just a few inches across.

This critter was also hiding in the woods. We spotted some hawks as well, out hunting in the warm morning air.

And of course a grasshopper, which Taiwan has by the legion.

Taiwan also has great flowers.

This interesting spider was hanging out right across the street from our house. I've never seen a carapace like that on a spider.

Here he is in context. I had the damndest time trying to shoot him.

Another shot as he skittered away from the lens.

Bees hard at work.

As always, my website page full of critter pics from Taiwan. And don't miss my archive of critter posts.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know people in Taiwan ate Mantis Shrimp. Then again, I guess shouldn't be surprised.

Michael Turton said...

Is that what those are? I had never seen anything like them in a market before.