Monday, December 19, 2005

Chinese force Taiwanese businessmen to spy on .... Falun Gong

Taiwan News reports that a Chinese defector claims China forces local businessmen to spy on the Falun Gong:

Many of the entertainment venues such as nightclubs and bars are actually traps to frame the Taiwanese businessmen as they engage in sexual acts with prostitutes," said Hao.

Prostitution, and paying for sexual favors, is illegal in China and offenders are sent for re-education at labor-camps.

After the businessmen had been "caught," for various offenses, Hao would inform the police and when the businessmen had been arrested, they would call on "councilman" Hao for help to extricate them from their predicaments.

Hao would then persuade the businessmen to collect information on Taiwan, in particular, the activities of the Falung Gong religious group, in exchange for exoneration or a lighter penalty.

If true, then the level of paranoia in China about the Falun Gong has reached terrific heights. But the Chinese have excellent information sources about Taiwan and must know that Falun Gong is insignificant here. I guess they saw this van parked at a tourist site in Taiwan...

....and assumed the dastardly Taiwanese are in league with the Falun Gong. Still, this stinks of disinformation, distortion by absurdity.


Sun Bin said...

can it be part of Hao's exaggeration which contributed to the "disinformation, distortion by absurdity"?

he does have the incentive to do so - when he seeked asylum and look for sponsor afterward.

Michael Turton said...

yeah, that's what I mean. I have no doubt that the Chinese are seeking leverage over Taiwanese businessmen, but not to spy on the Falun Gong. I have some trouble believing that.

Anonymous said...

Not me, as I am aware that the Chinese communist killed 80 million prople in China alone in the last 57 years during peace-time.

Feel free to refer to the below:

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