Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Senior Play I

A practice session.

Monday night one of our two senior classes put on Arsenic and Old Lace, the classic tale of comic anarchy revolving around a pair of spinsters who murder would-be lodgers in their home. The tale was considerably shortened in our theatrical version, but the spirit of the original was retained. The students did a magnificent job, putting on a show that everyone in the audience enjoyed immensely. Below are a few photo reminders of the show. Students: drop me an email and I'll send you what pics I have of you.

Dinner and a show: an evening that can't be beat.

My own seniors, my advisees for four years, pose. They put on The Foreigner next week.

Connie and Max worked like supermen behind the scenes.

Our family awaits the opening.

Vet, always ready with a grin and great attitude.

Here is the director. I can't reveal his identity, but rumor has it that Steven Spielberg was seen in our vicinity last week.

Jill opens the play.

I had some trouble finding the right combination of settings for the first few shots. The dim light and constant movement posed formidable problems for photography.

Please don't ask me why the phone had a foot attached to it. I don't know.

The translation was projected on the wall of the auditorium. Unfortunately this required turning one's head for 90 minutes to read it, the only downer in the whole show.

With so few men in the language department, the role of Mortimer went to the talented, energetic Ann, who did a fantastic job. Here Glory plays Mortimer's fiance.

Winnie and Villa ponder who gets poisoned next.

The evil Jonathon, brilliantly played by Zephyr, was made up to look like Boris Karloff.

Aaron plays a madman who thinks he's Teddy Roosevelt.

Maggie played the cringing doctor who mistakenly turned Jon into Boris Karloff.

Connie, the Vice Director, was kind enough to lend my kids her script so they could follow along.

A fight scene, comically staged as a kung fu battle.

Teddy pontificates. Hilarious.

Steven Spielberg, hard at work overseeing the production. He did a fantastic job.

Winnie proves she has real acting talent.

TR bids us goodbye.

Of course, I had to make a speech. Hint for my 4A class: I hate making speeches.

Posing for pics afterwards.


Jason said...

Good stuff. How long did they have to prepare for this?

Michael Turton said...

They started THIS semester, basically. Did a bang-up job, too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your coming. It's really good to see you there. Your speech is moved although you hate to deliver speeches.

About the picture, could you give us the URL that we can download pictures by ourselves. It could be easier and save time for you to send all the pictures one by one

By the way, I can hear you laughter even I was in greenroom.

Anonymous said...

Dear, Michael
This is Antonio!I wantta get the photos you took...send it to me, will you?

Your sound of laughter really enough, I can hear where you are, even I cann't see you from the stage.


Here're more picture of our performance! Hope you can enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I look so "beautiful"!!
Ha ha....

Please send the photos to me:
Thank you~^^

By the way,
Thanks for your coming!
Also, I can hear your laughter all the time. THAT really makes me encouraging!!