Sunday, December 04, 2005

New Blog on the Rolls

Found another local expat podcaster, Wan An Taipei. Enjoy!

I'll be commenting on the election tomorrow when I have time.


STOP_George said...

Consider this juicy morcel of information when you comment on the election tomorrow, Michael (this comes from The China Post of all places):

"The DPP could take some comfort in the fact that five KMT winners in the elections are members of the national Legislature.

They will have to give up their lawmaker seats, and as a result the opposition camp will lose their thin majority in the Legislature.

While the DPP in their heyday never once obtained a majority of seats in the Legislature, the next two years until the 2007 legislative elections may be the only time that the DPP comes closest to dominating the Legislature.

The DPP will see less obstruction in pushing its policies, but it will need the support of its ally -- the Taiwan Solidarity Union -- and independents. The DPP still have two years to win back voters' trust until the 2007 legislative elections, which are expected to be a prelude to the final showdown in the 2008 presidential poll."

Ironically, if Chen doesn't cave the way he did in December 2004, the DPP could conceivably fulfill some of their 2004 platform due to this disaster with the local elections. Does anyone know what the by-election protocol is in Taiwan? Do the pan-greens effectively have a majority in the legislature until 2007?

Anonymous said...

Please do write your comment on the election. I really enjoy it.