Sunday, December 11, 2005

Avast ye scurvy rats! A piratical weekend

Saturday was a wonderful day with plenty of great stuff going on.

My daughter's school had its annual sports day. The beginning of the day included performances by every class. Sheridan's class had chosen pirates as its theme, so Zeb dressed up in a display of solidarity.

The classes head out.

Zeb enjoys the show.

Sheridan's class performs. Mom made the costumes and the sail, while the boat was built by the teacher. Her class came in second to a class that had rented its uniforms. Doesn't seem right somehow...

Sheridan performs.

Here Mom and Zeb pose with one of the mothers.

Dan-dan rests with her classmates.

A view from above.

Mom relaxes by the table where the mothers sold stuff to raise money for the library.

Naturally, when this critter wandered into view, I had to snag a pic. What is life without critters?

Saturday also brought Daniel from Suitcasing for a visit. He turned out to be erudite, easygoing, well-traveled, and articulate. Even worse, he was both better-looking and younger than me. Naturally, I didn't introduce him to anyone I knew.

We spent a pleasant afternoon playing Axis & Allies on the Big Board....

....and went out for a feast. Good times were had by all!

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Anonymous said...

Well, Michael, younger, ok. But more handsome... you're just flattering me.

I had a really great time. Good luck with the book!