Friday, July 16, 2010

Excellent Collection of Old Taiwan Pics at

A friend has now completed a site with some 3,200 images of old Taiwan. A treasure trove:

The site is well organized, with drop menus for easy navigation. Don't miss gems like this "amazingly offensive story" (scroll down) as an anthropologist friend termed it, of butchering Japanese soldiers and aborigine resistance in Taiwan. Except it is told the other way around.

Those were the days....

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Formosa Coweater said...

Definitely one of the best sites of its kind. Great work, guys!

Richard said...

Very cool, thanks Michael.

green sleeeves said...

a couple links for you to comment,

Peter Lee sounds like a hired gun of CCP.
rightfully pointed out that China is non-committal in the FTA, they want Taiwan to be totally dependent in China, which Ma is more than happy to oblige. An obvious issue is , under what title would Taiwan sign a FTA with other countries?
This piece pointed out"
With the recent Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement reached with Taiwan, the core issue of China’s political sovereignty over the island has been effectively sidelined in favor of increased bilateral trade and investments. With Russia and the Central Asia states, China has long promoted security cooperation within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), linking security issues to separatism, extremism and terrorism"

which leads to two interesting points
(1) what a coincidence that Ma is boosting ties with Russia?

A really distasteful piece (not that any of the above is more palatable)

Sage said...

Excellent pictures and site Michael, thanks for posting this.

Next time your riding your bike in the remote mountain areas, keep in mind the pictures of the headhunters.

It would be a drag to meet up with a gang of "old school" residents.

Unknown said...

I bet my father will enjoy the site very much. Thanks for sharing.

Sage said...

I was interested to see the link to George Kerr's book "Formosa Betrayed" and spent some time reading once again about the 2-28 incident ...

I hope the release of the movie of same name will inspire the young people of Taiwan to want to learn more and maybe find a copy of Mr. Kerr's book.

Wake up call

Anonymous said...

The movie isn't bad at all, but damnit, if they thought they were going to show it in Taiwan, couldn't they have the people speaking better Mandarin and Taiwanese. I mean, what the hell????? All his sponsors and his parents could have helped him out with that.

(That stupid Hollywood movie about the Maya prediction had Tibetans that didn't even speak Tibetan, which is totally way worse, but still...)