Thursday, July 15, 2010

Judge not.....

Ah, the delicious lowbrow joy of seeing the mighty getting their comeuppance.... this week prosecutors in Taiwan detained three judges and a prosecutor in the wake of a massive bribery scandal. Meanwhile the KMT politician who bribed them somehow....managed to disappear. Who could have imagined a KMT politician disappearing ahead of arrest or incarceration? That just never happens. From Taiwan News....
Former Kuomintang lawmaker Ho Chi-hui was still missing yesterday amid questions over his disappearance just before prosecutors detained three judges and a prosecutor suspected of accepting bribes to find him not guilty of corruption.

The four men, Ho's secretary and one of the judges' woman acquaintances were locked up in solitary confinement on Wednesday on suspicion of having accepted a total of NT$8 million (US$249,000) from the former lawmaker.

Ho, who also served as Miaoli County Magistrate, was initially sentenced to 19 years in prison for corruption surrounding a land deal, but the Taiwan High Court overturned the verdict and found him not guilty last month.

Prosecutor-General Huang Shih-ming said the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau was looking into how Ho managed to disappear shortly before raids on his office and other locations began early Tuesday morning. He expressed confidence in prosecutors based in Miaoli County despite reports which hinted they were responsible for leaking news of the imminent raids to Ho.


The court had barred Ho from leaving the country because it reasoned he posed a flight risk. His wife, former KMT lawmaker Wang Su-chun, has been living in China for several years, reports said.
Taiwan News said in a similar report:
According to media reports, Ho paid the judges separately, sometimes through his secretary, who was an old acquaintance of one of the judges’ close friends. On some occasions, Ho would drive to the Judicial Yuan’s parking lot and pay High Court judge Tsai Kuang-chih there, reports said.

Another of the three judges detained, Lee Chun-ti, was recorded by a surveillance camera leaving an underground parking lot carrying a paper bag he did not have with him when entering, reports said. The bag reportedly contained money from Ho handed to Lee by Chiu Mao-jung, a prosecutor who once served in Miaoli when Ho was magistrate in the county.

Media also reported that some of the accused owned considerable amounts of land and shares, hinting that those assets might have been the result of corruption.
One of the judges accused of corruption in this case, Chen Chung-ho sat on the trial of Chen Shui-bian's son-in-law Chao Chien-ming. Taipei Times reported that he is also on the Judicial Yuan's disciplinary and personnel evaluation boards. The Judicial Yuan President is coming under fire to resign in the wake of this case.

Meanwhile the politician on the run is...still on the run. I'd bet that he'll turn up in China, but I doubt I could find anyone to cover me.

By happy coincidence (for the KMT) Chen Shui-bian was in the news again distracting the public again today as US officials moved to seize two residences in the US which were allegedly obtained with the Chen family's ill-gotten gains.
Homeland Security Director for Immigration and Customs Enforcement John Morton said the complaints reflect the US’ determination not to allow itself to be abused by corrupt foreign officials.

“This serves as a warning to those ... officials who abuse their power for personal financial gain and then attempt to place those funds in the US financial system,” he said.
Yes, I'm sure such officials around the world are quaking in their boots. Chen Shui-bian's son pointed out that the seizure was illogical since the Court in Taiwan has not made a decision on the alleged Yuanta bribery case, assuming that case is why the US moved on the properties.
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Sage said...

Ho is hanging out with the "ho" in China no doubt ... along with scores of other KMT goons.

Question is; Does he own any property in the U.S. that can be seized?

les said...

Hilarious. CSB (the bribed) is locked up and the key thrown away while the bribers get to waltz out of the country. Ho (the bribed) walks while the bribers go to jail.

And still there are those holding these arrests up as proof there is no bias in the legal system to one party or another.