Tuesday, July 20, 2010

KMT buys up Youtube Front space for month prior to election

A friend of mine reports:
Just came back from a software association (CISA) meeting with Google head of sales presenting. He reported that the KMT has bought up premium Youtube (Taiwan) front page space for the whole month prior to the year-end elections, effectively blocking any other candidates from airing their campaign videos there.
A clever move, if true.
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dennis said...

can you please explain a little bit more because i don't understand how this actually prevents other candidates (well, of DPP) from putting up videos of their own? thanks

Jarrad said...

Isn't this after Ma's office claimed YouTube as an "unknown site" which due to policy they would not be able to access from their Presidential Office?

Michael Turton said...

dennis, when you open Taiwan youtube you will a bunch of space for ads. All of that is now purchased by the KMT for the election. I'm not sure but I believe they have bought the first row of paid videos as well. Nothing stops the DPP from putting their own videos on Youtube, only from buying ad space on the front page.

Michael Turton said...

Haha Jarrad yes.