Saturday, July 03, 2010

June Election Pics

A sound truck makes its way through a small Taichung suburb.

Bicycling is this years in theme for showing the candidate is energetic and modern. This fellow found himself a road bike; lots of them pose on those big steel bikes.

A traditional appeal in northern Taiwan.

The polls might be crowded on election day, if the poles are crowded prior to it.

She uses this same photo in every election.

A favorite spot for ads is plastered to a building overlooking an intersection.

Taichung is a battleground. Here a candidate says the new upgraded Taichung city is looking for a new future.

Signs from candidates loom over a flea market in northern Taichung.

A candidate smiles over an intersection.

Praying for re-election.

Street corners and intersections are becoming tightly packed. There's a law that says the signs aren't supposed to block each other, as I recall. It appears to be more honored in the breach, so to speak.

A baby-hugging politico in northern Taiwan.

This candidate towers over his opponents.

Only five more months of these...

The ads in Taichung seem to all be larger than life. Note the presence of Tsai Ing-wen on the DPP sign. She can be seen on many signs in Taichung. I have seen no pictures of KMT candidates with President Ma this election cycle.

Outside Daya in Taichung county.

Gigantic Taichung ads.

Near the industrial processing district in Tanzih. "Fighting for the next generation!" she says, clutching a heart.

This ad is so emotional, it verges on melodrama.

Another politician who always uses the same shot of himself.

An ad looks down a cramped street near the train station in Taichung.

My Mark 1 eyeball says we have more female candidates than usual this time around. Is that true?

This candidate always represents himself in this quasi socialist realism style with the upthrust fist. I've never seen his picture on a sign.

DPP candidates share a sign in Taichung.
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Jason said...

Here's a pic of socialist-realist hero 蘇有仁:

Small wonder he opts for the fist.

Jason said...

Oh man. This one is totally 更好!

Tommy said...

Re: bicycling: Interesting. I remember the Lien Soong ticket of 2004 used a stylized bicycle built for two in its campaign logo.

P. S. said...

After I move to Shanghai, I am looking forward to snapping pics like this from their next election campaign ... Not. To belabor the obvious, I wonder what a Chinese (in China) thinks when they see pics like these. Is it "that would be cool to vote" or, "good thing our system is better organized and we don't have to deal with stuff like that"?

Jenna Cody said...

bicycling, yes, but also if you head down south (and a little in Taipei), tiny cartoon avatars of the candidates seems to be another running theme.

The name puns (which come out every time) are also getting worse.