Sunday, July 25, 2010

Riding Again

The last month has been total agony. I blew up a tendon in my toe climbing up Taroko Gorge last month and haven't ridden since the end of June, under doctor's orders. The pain was excrutiating, both in the toe and from not riding. Finally it appears to be healed and I am back on the bike. Spent the last three days riding for the first time in months, really, with all the rain we had in April and May. Today I took one of my favorite routes across the ridges into Miaoli.....

The rain has been good for local crops.

Sunday bike trail madness. At 9:30 it is usually still empty, but the overcast weather brought out the crowds.

Liyutan Reservoir.

I take many shots of this temple above reservoir, a nifty place to stop and refill water bottles and take a breather. Here's a satellite photo/map of the temple where I stop.

I rode up past the reservoir into the fruit orchards that line the ridge.

I always stop at this stand near the crest to buy whatever is in season. Today it was crispy tart pears.

Snail shells dotted the leaves of the weeds by the road.

The views back to Jhoulan, a major grape and fruit growing area, are excellent.

The spillway of the reservoir.

Descending into the farms.

With the soil disturbed by planting and tilling, egrets were out in force.

Farmers planting rice seedlings.

The beautiful railroad viaduct near Sanyi.

The viaduct from below.

Cleaning up the fields.

Crossing the bridge back to Houli, the highway to the right.

In Fengyuan I ran into a religious procession.

Passersby stopped to gawk.

Young men of the temple association.

Heavily decorated marchers.

The costuming is wonderful.

Wait...what's this? A DPP candidate's sound truck in the procession. A reminder of the close links between local politicians and local religion in Taiwan.

A succession of lovely singers in paraded by.

I have posted this photo here strictly for its important cultural value.

I left the endless line of marchers behind and headed for home, 70 kms free of pain under my tires. It was great to be riding again.
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LeafOnTheWind said...

Congratulations on being able to ride again! You've got some excellent pics in there.

Anonymous said...

Oh man. I've heard it said that tendon and muscle tears can be even more agonizing than the pain of a bone fracture. Glad to hear that you're better now.