Friday, July 23, 2010

Chen Family Property Seizure Ruled Illegal

Taiwan's Supreme's swatted down lower courts and the prosecutors yesterday:
The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of the Prosecutor-General’s Office seized assets belonging to the Chen Shui-bian family, including nearly NT$ 30 million in bank deposits and stocks in 36 companies. The Supreme Court handed down its ruling yesterday, saying that the prosecutors had no authority to seize assets while a case was pending trial in court, so it was illegal for the SIU to seize the Chen family’s property. The ruling also stated that the Chen family could seek judicial remedies in accordance with the law to free their assets.
Yesterday....yesterday...yesterday....what else happened? Oh yeah. The morning papers carried stories about Chen Shui-bian's son having a dalliance with a prostitute. What a coincidence that there is sex scandal involving Chen's son breaking the day before the Supreme Court slaps the prosecutors and courts in the Chen case....
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Anonymous said...

Chen Jr. didn't commit rape and he might have even gave miss pretty a huge tip for all we know!

The media is blowing this out of proportion just like the alleged sex tapes of then Mayor Wu.

Anonymous said...

Can we get more specifics? 155,000 foreigners are taking jobs away from Taiwanese white-collar workers? What companies are hiring these people??

Anonymous said...

Aren't the courts in Taiwan supposed to be controlled by special region chief Ma and the KMT?

Sage said...

Of course most rational people could care less what Chen does in his private life. But whatever he does is not private and this is fodder for the KMT to assassinate the character of this young man. Besides, this is the type of thing people love to read about, regardless of where you are from.
But it only serves to take ones eye off the ball, the real issues at hand.

The most alarming bit is number 182%.

This increase of "chinese professionals" (I get a chuckle out of the liberal use of language), is what Taiwanese MUST "tune" into.

The "continued" Han colonization is the real threat and every Taiwanese should be alarmed and fight to stop it.