Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What's Up in Taiwan in the News

My friend Dan Bloom, Chiayi's best-selling foreign author, has written the first in what may be a series of articles on the island's Anglais bloggers, on the dynamic duo of Henry and Julian from What's Up in Taiwan.

Blogging comes in several forms, from written commentaries and daily diaries to podcasts. For two Taipei residents, Julian Yu and Henry Lu, interviewing expats islandwide and podcasting in English about "What's Up in Taiwan" has become a hobby that has attracted viewers and listening worldwide.

One of the site's recent interview subjects was Daniel Wallace, who came to Taiwan from London and found himself giving an interview on the popular podcast (

I've been interviewed by them, and they are a blast. Well worth the time, if you ever get a chance.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm sort of famous.

Michael Turton said...

LOL. Maybe you can become like Paris Hilton, famous for....being famous. Make big $$.