Monday, November 20, 2006

Apple Daily on Taiwan English Bloggers

The Chinese-language tabloid Apple Daily had an article on the excellent blog as well as podcaster Gem at Misadventures in Taiwan today on page A14. I can;'t find the story online, unfortunately.


Anonymous said...


Haha, good to know what's out there I guess.

Michael Turton said...

No! I was alerted by others. LOL. Now I'll have to be nice to them.


Anonymous said...

Alerted by others? Sure. Which others. Nobody reads that rag....

Michael Turton said...

Hey, I never diss and tell... :) Actually a couple of people who knew about the article in advance alerted me.


Mark said...

Everybody reads the Apple Daily. It's the most entertaining publication in town!

Anonymous said...

Nobody reads the Apple Daily. They just look at the pictures :)

Seriously, I noticed a sudden unexplained spike in traffic on my blog yesterday. I wonder if it got mentioned in the Apple Daily or some other newspaper as well.

Anonymous said...

More people "read" the Apple than any other newspaper in Taiwan. As it has only been in circulation for three years, it must be a fine publication indeed to catch the eye of Taiwan's discerning public.

Battlepanda said...

Apple Daily appals and sickens me on a near-daily basis, but I trust their reporting more than some of other media outlets out there.

A media watchdog group named China Times and United Daily News as the papers who carried the most number of misreported stories this august and september, including a real howler from UDN, which stated breathlessly that Japan's shinkansen bullet train can come to an emergency halt in 3 seconds. Wow! Going from 300 km/h to zero in three seconds. As a snarky letter to the editor pointed out, that's better than Spiderman can do.

Anonymous said...

Here is the article: My wife just found it online somewhere!

November 20, 2006 / APPLE DAILY



來自美國紐約、旅台近20年的馬克龍(Marc Plumb),有感於台灣文化之美,耗時兩個月架設展示早期台灣風貌圖片與影像網站,搜羅1300張包括總統府、監察院、台大醫院日據時期舊照片,與台灣歷年紙鈔與硬幣圖像等,極具文化價值。



而來自菲律賓的Gem架設「Misadventures in Taiwan」網站,記錄旅台生活與觀察,最近她也拍了一段有關台灣數學作業簿的影片,吸引不少人瀏覽;她在影片中提到,台灣的筆記本與作業簿都很便宜,尤其數學作業簿設計不少空格,很適合用來畫分鏡表,讚美這些便宜作業簿比昂貴筆記本好用很多。


菲律賓華僑 GEM 將日常所拍影像放上網

Tim Maddog said...

The Apple Daily printed:
- - -
... 旅台近20年的馬克龍(Marc Plumb)...
- - -

Marc's been "traveling" in Taiwan for nearly 20 years, or does "旅" have another meaning with which I'm unfamiliar?

Tim Maddog

Anonymous said...

>>Marc's been "traveling" in
>>Taiwan for nearly 20 years,
>>or does "旅" have another
>>meaning with which I'm unfamiliar?

It's actually an abbreviation for "旅居"...means something like, take impermanent residency?