Friday, November 17, 2006

Daily Links, Friday, November 16, 2006

The Taiwan blogosphere is spinning plenty of stuff this week:
  • I note over at Taiwan Matters that the Slush Fund Scandals are threatening the entire political order. Jerome Keating says the same thing: it's a Pandora's Box, baby. Maddog has a great skinning of Mike Chinoy's comments at the recent Asia Media Forum.
  • Scott Sommers remarks on Blackwater and Language Training.
  • Ruthless English-oriented parents. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  • David says there is no No Place for Nuke Waste.
  • Taiwanindependence points to a letter from US Congresscritters about the Chen Shui-bian situation. (thanks for the shout-out!)
  • Kerim blogs on the excellent Ur-Map. Looks promising. And muses on local corruption as well (thanks for the shout-out!). Ilya's post that stimulated Kerim is here.
  • Ameobas. Someday I'll tell my own story entitled Ameobas: The Day I Became A Public Health Threat.
  • Jerome Keating writes on the Ma Ying-jeou Shuffle: one step forward, one step back, one step to each side, turn 180, turn 180 again.
  • Mike yells at a Woman Hitter. You go guy! Ya gotta be who ya are. Just be careful, man. You never know what friends such people have.
  • Big Ell finds out that vehicle parts can be erotic. And the Taipei Kid finds that microwaves can give pleasure.
  • Pinyin Info comments on the alleged use of the Yale System in Taiwan. And don't miss the typo of the day.
  • The Taipei Kid visits the weird coffee shop.
  • The Foreign Describes America, the cynical arms dealer, in two parts.
  • Chez Wang muses on eating. A great eye for photos too. More!
  • Brian the mesmerizer performs. I've heard he's good. Check out his list of times and dates.
  • Into tea? Tea Masters has great photos and commentary.
  • Wild at Heart: more on Taiwan's dolphins. Anyone organize boat trips to see them?
  • Special: As a Battlestar Galactica fan, I got a kick out of this piece in the American Prospect on conservatives and BG.

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