Thursday, November 09, 2006

Daily Links, November 9, 2006

Plenty of snapshots around the island...
  • Tim reviews the fine points of the President's defense at Taiwan Matters!
  • Scott Sommers discusses the PHD quota and what it might mean for universities.
  • Jon Benda busts WaPo for misrepresenting President Chen. Hey, can you say "MSM"?
  • David on Formosa finds an interesting article with a refreshing point of view about Taiwan. And goes to Beitou to find hot springs.
  • Jen at London Calling writes on the low salaries for PR professionals here.
  • the leaky pen does art in Jungli.
  • the gentle rant does Taiwanese addictions. Yum......
  • Sponge Bear comments on Japanese in local PR.
  • The Real Taiwan has a bunch of different videos on all sorts of Taiwan-related topics.
  • Jerome Keating writes on Chen's address to the nation.
  • More tomorrow!

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