Monday, November 13, 2006

ESWN: the terrorist blogger of Taiwan

ESWN has a very sad/funny post on a 19 year old blogger who thought of creative ways to snuff out A-bian.

Americans get worried when 9/11 is invoked, but less so for people elsewhere. After indictments were issued in the case of the state affairs fund, there were more voices of discontent about President Chen Shui-bian. Recently, a Taiwan blogger published a "Happy Anti-Bian Guide" listing a hundred ways to depose Bian. Although the police regarded this as a sarcastic piece used to release personal emotions, they read it carefully and came across a section about "putting bombs on airplanes and directing them into the President's Office." This caused the police to be very concerned and they summoned the blogger for interrogation. In the near future, the person may be charged with intent to instigate a crime.

A sobering reminder, actually. What a waste of public funds.


Anonymous said...

Your blog title reads like ESWN is a terrorist blogger. Which given the crap he's written on Taiwan, maybe he deserves.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago, someone at NSYSU sent an email to the White House using his school BBS account. That email stated this individual's wish to kill the President of the United States. Law enforcement took this matter seriously. That individual was tracked down, arrested, and prosecuted. None of the present pan-Blue supporters complained then. So why they are whining and crying foul now? Obviously these people just wanna persecute President Chen without being held responsible for their criminal behavior. IMHO they should not be referred to as terrorists because they are even lower than that, much lower than that.