Monday, November 20, 2006

Random Saturday Pics

Dogs sleeping in a storefront.

Saturday I ran up to Hsinchu to see my friend Michael and hang out at the foreign worker bars there. A few random photos.

Morning market trip -- had to make sure the wife and kids were well-stocked.

Small town. Morning.

Wait! Wait for me! Wait!

Aanrchy in the early morning streets.

One of the most imposing sights on the old highway is this massive mountain of gravel at the base of the largest hill on the highway.

A close up of the gravel mountain.

I always love to take pics while driving, to my wife's horror.

After I got up to Hsinchu, we went out to the ocean, near the Yung-An Fish Market, and BBQed.

The only downer -- mass quantities of trash in the BBQ area.

Michael and Huichen set up for the BBQ.

Others were BBQing as well.

In the distance is the fish market.

Beachcombers at low tide.

Beachcombers at low tide.

Beachcombers at low tide, the market in the background.

A bride and groom had their wedding photos taken at this gray beach.


Driving home in the morning. No pics of the bar hopping, sorry. Too toasted to hold the camera steady.

Got home just in time to catch my daughter at her school activities day.

Update: Michael Klein has some pics too!

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Anonymous said...

Ah HsinChu! That's where I came from!

-CSU Stu