Friday, November 24, 2006

Brass Monkey: English Language Night

The Brass Monkey
English Language Night this Sunday
Nov. 26 at 6:00 PM

The Brass Monkey's language program continues this month! If you want to practice English or Chinese in a fun environment, this is the chance you've been waiting for. Come and meet people like you, who want to improve their language skills!

Admission is only $100, which covers the expenses of the program. (Admission is waived for native English speakers.) Reservations are not required, so come on down. You can bring friends or come alone; regardless, you're sure to have a good time.

[BLOG OWNER'S NOTE: The Brass Monkey is having an activity centering around a certain Mouthless Cat from Sanrio. Bring your collection if you have one. To preserve blog quality, this blog is 100% Mouthless Cat-free. We hate cute.]

Show and Tell
Again this month we'll be practicing our tradition known as Show & Tell. All participants are invited to bring something from work, school, or home and show it to the rest of us. The item you bring can be anything--photos from a recent trip, a sample product from work, an old tooth even--anything at all. Whoever brings the most unusual item will win the grand prize for the evening.

In addition to all that, English Language Night provides you with a way to meet people like you, who want to practice another language. No matter if you want to practice your English, Mandarin, or Taiwanese there's almost always someone who can talk to you--without a strange accent!

English Language Night Coordinator
Our coordinator for English Night is Joyce Tsai. Joyce has an advanced degree in Education from the University of Pennsylvania and several years' experience teaching English in Taiwan. Joyce has a lively and educational program lined up for this month so you're sure to want to attend.

The co-coordinator this month is Chris Lawrence, a native speaker of English who taught in Taiwan for a number of years as well as at the University of Minnesota in the US.

The Brass Monkey · 166 Fushing North Rd. · Taipei · Taiwan · 104 · Taiwan


MJ Klein said...

and the Brass Monkey what, and where is it?

Michael Turton said...

Ive added the address, thanks!

MJ Klein said...

thanks Michael. seems that a lot of people think the Taiwan world revolves around Taipei! Mine does not! lol