Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wild at Heart: Great Article on Raptor Killing in Taiwan

Wild at Heart, the environmental organization, has a great article on raptor killings in Taiwan this week.

Media reports of possibly thousands of Grey-faced Buzzard Eagle and smaller numbers of other raptors being hunted during the recent September-October migration period in the Southern Taiwan, Kenting National Park area are worrying. Once again, there is a need to raise awareness and highlight the plight of Taiwan’s raptors and insist that the authorities take action against those responsible. Additional measures must be put in place to protect these magnificent birds as they pass through Taiwan in their thousands in one of nature’s greatest spectacles.
Wild at Heart does great things for Taiwan, and is a force for progress on this island. If you have some spare change, drop it in their donation box. They'll put it to good use.


Anonymous said...

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porkbarrel said...

Thanks for raising awarness of Wild at Heart. I spent several years in Hualien and am perpetually nostalgic for wild Taiwan and its critters. I hope everyone will send those folks some money. In the midst of an election in the States, trying to decide which candidates to support, one always wonders if they will merit it. An organization like Wild at Heart, on the other hand, will stay true and focused on its objectives and give a great return on your investment. Taiwan beats Hawaii for natural beauty and deserves fanatic protection in the face of so much money-hungry pressure to consume it.