Sunday, October 01, 2006

Swenson's Meeting, October 7

Jerome Keating sends around the latest:


To all,
A happy upcoming Moon Festival to everyone; just remember not to point at the beautiful moon as you all know what will happen.

Our October meeting of the Breakfast Club will take place on Saturday Octgober 7th at Swensen's on Keelung Road at 9:30 am.

For newcomers, the full address of Swensen's is 81 Keelung Rd. Sec. 2. (phone 2735-3696). It is on the east side of Keelung, about two blocks south of Hsin Yi Rd. and right near where Kwang Fu dead ends into Keelung. You are also reminded that everyone buys their own breakfast--there is no free lunch or free breakfast in life, at least as far as I have found out. :) :)

Our speaker this time is Mark Stokes, a former Pentagon defense planner on the Pentagon Taiwan Policy for seven years.

We look forward to seeing you all; come for the synergy and serendepity.




Anonymous said...


I'm not familiar with the 'pointing at the moon' comment - can anyone explain this custom?

Josee said...

Legend goes that if you point at a full moon, you will mysteriously receive a cut at the back of your ear.

Battlepanda said...

I'm such a dummy. Michael is in Taichung so I assumed that the meetups he spoke of is in Taichung too. Now that I realize they're held in Taipei, I'll definitly turn up.

See you all there, happy moon festival!

Feli said...

Oh no! I just this minute saw that you will be having the meeting tomorrow. I thought that the meeting might have been postponed due to the holiday weekend and then I didn't check your blog until today!