Wednesday, October 25, 2006

November 4, 2006, Swenson's Meet Up

Sorry about my silence, but I had a huge editing job this weekend, elbow swelled up, tendons very painful, so I'm resting for a few days. Meanwhile: Jerome Keating passes around the good news:


To all,
We will have our breakfast club meeting on the first Saturday of November--Nobember 4th; at 9:30 am at Swensen's,
81 Keelung Road, Sec. 2;

That is on the east side of Keelung Rd. and a couple of doors north of where Kwangfu deadends into Keelung. (2735-3696)

The speaker is
Dr. David Curtis Wright
Associate Professor, Department of History
Fellow, Centre for Military and Strategic Studies
University of Calgary (Canada)
Visiting Scholar, Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, August-December 2006

David is here doing research on his uncle Ensign Hans Jensen who was the first pilot to sight, detect, report on and attack Kurita's Center Force in what would become the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

His specialty however is the Yuan Dynasty in Chinese history and thus his topic will be

"All the Khan's Horses and All the Khan's Men: How the Mongols Conquered China."

For all those questions you wanted to have answered about the Mongols but were afraid to ask, here is the man.

Look to see you there, same rules as always, everyone buys their own breakfast.



xtrain said...

hi michael,

this is christian, clyde's previous grad student. we met at the conference at chao yang last year.

just wondering if this kind of meeting is open to all. i'd be interested if so. i'm in taoyuan, BTW.

jerome said...

The meetings are always open to all. Just come with an open mind, friendly attitude, and your own money for your breakfast. Look forward to seeing you.

xtrain said...

thanks jerome.

anyone else coming from taoyaun. perhaps we can pool?