Saturday, October 14, 2006

Night and Day in Taipei

Last week I went to Taipei for the Swenson's meet up. Random pics of our capital city...

Early morn: Yungho.

Tai Chi adherents discuss technique near Taipei 101.

Ok, so I love the crowded backstreet pics.

I found a morning market still setting up for the morning traffic.

A giant bowl of congee.

Hot pot goodies.

Setting out the jewelry.

Someday I am going to do a photo book of backstreets in Taiwan.

Church and temple in harmony nex to each other.

Emily took me to a bookstore devoted to Taiwan, across from National Taiwan U.

Not just books, but also shirts, posters, postcards, gegaws and knickknacks.

After that I decided to take a walk to Yungho across the Yungfu Bridge.

The Yungfu bridge.

Water mains. The Taipei Water park, a park maintained by the water authority, is at the foot of the bridge on the Taipei side.

It's always cool to see bird life in Taiwan's waterways.

The views are great.

Hard at work in the gardens along the river.

Taipei's rivers are lined with such gardens.

On the Yungho side.

There's shop like this in every neighborhood.

Making fried snacks on a Yungho street.


Anonymous said...

Do you have the name and address of the bookshop near NTU?

Michael Turton said...

The name is Taiwan [?] Dien, the third character is one I have never seen before. It's in one of the alleys near the Barista coffee shop. It is only about 15m in, not far at all. With Taita at your back, the bookstore is on the right.

You'll love it.


Anonymous said...

As for the bookstore, here's their website:

That character is pronounced "e" as in "egg."

Seems like you folks had not been running into those red ants, good for ya. ^_^


Anonymous said...

Cool pics. Sorry I missed the Swensen's meet up. Anything exciting happen? Food fights? Other unruly behavior? :)

Hope to be there next month.

Michael Turton said...

Great talk at Swenson's meet up from mark stokes, which I hope to have up tomorrow. See you next time!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I was wondering if you would mind adding my blog, , to your list. By the way, when I first started planning to come to Taiwan your website was extremely helpful to me, so thanks!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. You need not convince me of the insanity of the pan-blues..... I already know that... But you have definitely convinced me that I need a new camera. Mark

Andre said...

great pix as usual

Albert Wu said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I admire your work very much; keep up the good posts on exposing the insanity of the pan-blues. Thanks also for letting me have a good bout of homesickness. Maybe when I return to Taiwan sometime, I'll join the Swenson get togethers.

Anonymous said...

Your were just only a mile away from my home...! I live in ChungHo City!!
you should called me earlier then I could invite you to come to my parents' restaurant to eat some traditional "Taiwanese" food.
Delicious and flavorful is guaranteed!!!

Michael Turton said...

Aaron! I'll stop in next month when I go up to Taipei!


poseidon206 said...

Michael these are fantastic photos! I wish I can take pictures as well as you do. Is it rude to ask what kind of camera (and set up) you're using?

Michael Turton said...

Thanks, Poseidon! I use an Olympus C-770. A nifty prosumer camera with great functionality.


T. Destiny in Taiwan said...

Hey Michael,

Great to see some pics back on your blog. If you're interested in testing out a nifty web-based layout program I suggest I've been having a great time with it and getting it tied to your blog or flickr is a snap.


Michael Turton said...

Thanks, T. Haven't had much time for photography these days...


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Turton,

Thanks for posting these photos of Yungho. I spent my childhood there and your photos have brought back a lot of memories. In reading these responses, I noticed that you've mentioned that you'll return to Yungho in November? If so, then, I would ask you to please take even more photos next time around. I've missed this town greatly and would very much appreciate more pictures.

Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

Michael-i just wanted to add my many thanks for your website and beautiful pictures. I have been gone from Taiwan for over 20 years but coming back soon for a long visit. Thank you again for the good you are doing and perhaps not realizing.