Monday, October 09, 2006

Daily Links, October 9, 2006

Hell of a day. North Korea supposedly tests nuclear weapons. Here we are living in dread of Double Ten tomorrow....meanwhile, there's an explosion of stuff around the Taiwan blogs....
  • Karl wonders why, if cold drinks are so bad for you, Karl is so tall...
  • Mark discovers that gyms are universal.
  • Patrick blogs on ICRT lashing out at a former DJ. Apparently some people think we foreigners should not have political opinions about Taiwan...
  • David reviews a Taiwan travel book.
  • Feli discusses Taiwanese dissident Su Beng's indictment on fireworks charges.
  • Jerome lays waste to the One Hundred Million donation myth.
  • Michael gets new teapots. Very pretty. Can't wait to test them myself.
  • Roland talks about his experiences with the White Wolf, one of Taiwan's most important gangsters, and modern China.
  • Podcaster Misadventures in Taiwan has risen from the dead. Go listen.
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