Saturday, October 14, 2006

Daily Links, Saturday, Oct 14

N Korean nuke blast looking more and more bogus. Fortunately, we have the real thing here on the Taiwan blogs......

  • The lighter side of the anti-democracy protests: The Depose Chen Dance Troupe, courtesy of the emkid.
  • The Only Redhead has some great musings on the Oct 10 protests as experienced at Ground Zero. Here in Central Taiwan there is much less feeling that the protests are "magical."
  • Doubting to shuo has videos he shot of the protesters outside his door.
  • It's gigolo night in Taichung. I won't go; I'd like to give the others a shot a winning the prize for once.
  • David on Formosa goes to Amazing Tainan. I really *heart* Tainan too.
  • nostalgiaphile blogs on Shih Ming-te's visit to Chungli and drinks tea redneck-style.
  • Feli blogs against mooncakes and Confucius.
  • Jerome Keating has good stuff on Soong, the Red Guards in Taipei, and the mysteries of Shih's slush fund.
  • The Tainan Don teaches gifted students in Tainan.
  • The Foreigner from Formosa blogs on the mess in Taipei on the 10th.
  • Pro-Blue blogger Roland over at ESWN loves those push polls. He's got one from the pro-Blue station TVBS on the Shih protests. Question 6 is classic in its assumption of the President's guilt: Q6. The prosecutor's case about the First Lady's involvement in the SOGO gift voucher case has been closed, while another case about the First Family in the national security funds is still ongoing. How much confidence do you have that the judicial system will investigate the latter case all the way? Gotta love the Taiwan media......
  • The Bushman captures the Bullet Train, which has been undergoing testing lately. I saw it running the other day, looked very cool.

  • Personal note: Yes! I did it! Eat your hearts out: I made it through the holiday without receiving a single mooncake!

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