Sunday, October 29, 2006

Taiwan in the Media

There's some meaty stuff in the international media about Taiwan:
  • The BBC's Caroline Gluck turns in an excellent piece on the plight of AIDS victims on the Beautiful Isle, also in the news recently here. Meanwhile, is the BBC slanted Blue? Well, it calls the assassination attempt on Chen by a pro-Blue whackjob an "apparent assassination" on its timeline of Taiwan events. That's pure Blue propaganda. As Maddog noted, I guess the bullet holes in the windshield of Chen's jeep were only "apparent bullet holes".......

  • Over at the Financial Times, Kathrin Hille reports on the move to strip the KMT of its plunder. The article is now out of date; the bill has been returned to the various Committees responsible for it.

  • Hille also reports on AIT chief Steve Young's warnings to the Blues about their behavior on the arms purchase, killed in committee 60 times. She also reports that it is the Blues doing the obstructing. Good on her.

  • The International Herald Tribune carries the AP report of Li Ao's gassing of the legislature.

  • The Financial Times also reports on the consumer lending crisis that has become such a big political issue here recently. The crisis was averted by sticking banks with the problem, "depressing margins in that market for years to come."

  • Ting Yi-tsai reports in the Asia Times on the comic opera banana crisis in Taiwan and its China connection, as well as good info on Taiwan's ag relations with China. Don't miss Johnny Neihu's caustic commentary on the mess.


    STOP Ma said...

    With regards to that joke BBC timeline (at least I hope it's a joke)...

    There are many instances of bias that I could find littered throughout. Like, why the hell is Lien Chan's picture featured prominently and first "elected" non-KMT President? Notice the link below the pic, too. "Lien visit "warms Taiwan-China prospects". Jeezus!

    Here are the others (from 2005 -- to keep it short):

    2005 March - Taiwan condemns a new Chinese law giving Beijing the legal right to use force should Taipei declare formal independence.

    "Legal right"? -- According to the PRC, Beijing already HAD the "legal right" before the ASL. This paper "legally obliges / forces" the Beijing gov't to take military action -- EXCLUSIVE OF TAIWANESE LAW (breaching the "status-quo", BTW).

    And why is THIS on the timeline?

    2005 June - Reform requiring future constitutional amendments to be put to a referendum arouses China's concern that it will be easier for activists to promote moves towards independence.

    "Arouses China's concerns"? I thought this was a "Taiwan Timeline"?

    2005 December - Opposition KMT triumphs in municipal elections. The result is interpreted as a mid-term vote of no confidence in President Chen Shui-bian.

    Interpreted by whom? The Pan-blue media? The Chinese media? BBC fails to account for the fact that the local elections are NOT determined by "national" agendas. And as I recall Michael pointing out in a post after those elections, the DPP actually GAINED ground. And how about adding -- "enabling the pro-blue legislature to continue to obstruct Chen's platform, including the Arms agreement with the U.S."? They mentioned Chen pissing off China, afterall.

    2006 February - Taiwan scraps the National Unification Council, a body set up to deal with reunification with the mainland. China says the decision could bring "disaster".

    That is pure BBC pan-purple bias, in full-glory.

    And guess what's NOT on the timeline after the "corruption allegation" entry? Chen's wife being aquitted of charges. And yes, that occurred before the last entry.

    I'm sure there are a plethora of others I have missed.

    Michael Turton said...

    Gotta work that up for a post, man! We can use it at Taiwan Matters!