Sunday, October 29, 2006

Daze in the Life

A few scenes from a life. Enjoying one of Taiwan's most interesting flowers.

I spend a lot of time hanging out with the undergrads during the Coffee Corner program the university offers to give students the chance to practice their English with a living breathing foreigner. Here are Terry and Herbert, two of the students helping me.




Chatting with Jessie

Taking the econ test.

Watching a rock concert on campus.

My life as a pedestrian: a fortune teller on a Fengyuan side street.

My life as a teacher: night econ class.

My life as a PHD student: watching a presentation.

My life as a train station denizen.

Taiwan: a nation under construction.

Sunday morning we went down to the hardware market near the train station.

A paradise for men who remember the days when real men bashed metal, not pushed electrons around.

No space is so small that scooters won't speed down it.

A hardware store along the street.

An alley outside in the wholesale vegetable market area.

Mom and the kids buy veggies.

The hardware lane is bounded on both sides by morning meat and vegetable markets.

Picking a chicken...or a turkey....or a pigeon...


Mark said...

I noticed that your economics instructor's presentation was all in English. Is your program a special bi-lingual one?

Michael Turton said...

No, that was just that student, who was not only severely cute, but had spent time in S Africa and had a pretty good handle on English. All my courses are in Chinese.


Big Ell said...

The hardware/vegetable/meat market is one of my favorite places in Taichung. It joins together two of my favorite things tools and food. Where else can you buy a socket set, romaine lettuce and a rack of pork ribs.

PS: I do suggest buying mountain turkeys rather than the caged turkeys. They are bigger and less gamey. You can bring it down to the market and they with kill and defeather it for you at a low price.

Anonymous said...

"...when real men bashed metal, not pushed electrons around."

Anonymous said...

Oops, incomplete post.

"...when real men bashed metal, not pushed electrons around."

My dad told me the exactly that when I went into computer science.