Saturday, October 21, 2006

Daily Links, Oct 21, 2006

No time for blogging today, but tracked down some goodies on the blogs this week:

  • David on Formosa finds some interesting signs. Translation...just imagine if the US had to reproduce all its signs in Chinese. Might be a few errors....
  • Beijing says new Romanization is "cultural Taiwan independence."
  • Sector 40 tours the computer quarter of Kaohsiung.
  • The Foreigner has a great post on KMT griping about the US. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll be great partners for the US when Ma Ying-jeou takes the Presidency. After all, he speaks English, so he must have our interests at heart....
  • The Bushman posts pics of two trips to Green Island. Hope those you who went this weekend had a good time.
  • Cold Goat Eyes is back and posting. Hey, CGE, you always have something good to say.
  • Daniel Wallace, one of my favorite people, is interviewed at What's up in Taiwan.
  • Ask-a-ninja. I'm not making it up.
  • Hard-core bushibans. Kick ass, as Mark reminds.
  • Brian points to a survey of teens and their sex lives, and parents and their delusions about their kids' sex lives.
  • Radio Free Taiwan pens a stirring defense of my man A-bian.
  • Ni Hou Ma has postcards of early Taiwan.
  • Taiwan Matters! has a rundown on the Taipei Mayor election. That's going to be a fun one.
  • Scott blogs on international education at his beloved Ming Chuan U, a topic suddenly near and dear to my heart as an international student in a PHD program here.
  • Formosa Birding has some kickass pics of eagles.
  • Congrats to The Real Taiwan on the new addition to the family! Live long and Prosper!

    Stolen from lyh0626...this one's for you, CW:

    You see a fabulous girl/guy at a party. You approach them and say, "I'm fantastic in bed." That's Direct Marketing.

    You're at a party with a bunch of friends and see a fabulous girl/guy. You have one of your friends approach them, point at you and say, "She's/He's fantastic in bed." That's Advertising.

    You see a fabulous girl/guy at a party. You approach them to get their telephone number. The next day you call and say, "Hi, I'm fantastic in bed." That's Telemarketing.

    You're at a party and see a fabulous girl/guy. You get up, straighten your clothes, walk up and pour them a drink. You open the door, pick up their bag after it drops, offer them a ride, and then say, "By the way, I'm fantastic in bed." That's Public Relations.

    You're at a party and see a fabulous girl/guy. They walk up to you and say, "I hear you're fantastic in bed." That's Brand Recognition.


    Mark said...

    Dead link to Daniel's interview.

    ScottSommers said...

    I know you think I'm living a deluded lifestyle as a Manchurian candidate for Ming Chuan University. But you're wrong! Seriously, I don't love MCU more than I love any other employer I've had. But I do think that for foreign English teachers with a master's degree, it has been a fair place to work. I am not sure the changes in Taiwan education will weather this through vere school provides good employment.

    Michael Turton said...

    LOL. You do make MCU sound pretty good. It seems to be rather singular place, but they also seem to have fairly earned your support. I'm pretty satisfied with CYUT, but then I've had some seriously effed up experiences.


    Anonymous said...

    Mike, thought you might enjoy reading this article.

    Seems like there is trouble in "paradise". I wonder whether the KMT is going to take this abuse. Read an article yesterday how some KMT legislators will ignore PFP calls for a boycott, whether or not the caucus officially does.

    Patrick Cowsill said...

    Ma speaks great English. He looks good in jogging shorts too. It's a pity nobody can figure out what he's talking about most of the time. Does this guy ever take a stand on anything? I still don't know if he has a single opinion other than that it's tough being a stray dog in this big old world. I remember when Ma was on the BBC's Hardtalk, getting grilled about the KMT's stalling of the Weapon's Acquisition Bill. He claimed it was hard for him to support the bill because voters in Taiwan had already voted against it in the 2004 referendum. This was quite disingenuous, especially considering the KMT encouraged party faithful NOT to vote for or against. Too bad the commentator missed this point.

    STOP Ma said...


    Not only did the KMT tell it's supporters to not vote in the referendum -- they demanded that the referendum ballot boxes be separated from the presidential ballot boxes to help this KMT directive to be upheld. Any spy at the polls could determine if anyone voted for the referendum or not. This separation of the ballot boxes was, again, against the principles of democracy (violating one's right to secrecy at the polls).