Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Typhoon over Taichung

I grabbed some shots of the typhoon that blew across us last month. Here's a good pic of the way the clean air driven by the typhoon leaves a clear view of the permanent haze of pollution over the city.

Just before it rains, the air is clean and still.

Rain on rooftops.

A wall of rain moves across Taiping and Dali.

The same shot, minutes before the rain.

The sun shines through the rain.

The typhoon passes....


MJ Klein said...

great stuff Michael! i just went through that area yesterday and i wish the rain cleared out the air like that typhoon did.

Anonymous said...

Cool shots. Someone told me that there were mountains around the city. After the typhoon I was driving down Taichung Gang Lu and with the clear sky you could actually see them!

Anonymous said...

Very nice set of pics.

Anonymous said...

yup... once again, great set of pictures

Anonymous said...

yup, once again, a great set of photos