Sunday, May 21, 2006

Exiting Blogging

I've decided that the Net has taken over my life, and I need to regain control. So expect a drastic drop in posting.



Paul Noble said...

Under the thumb eh?

Yeah, let's be honest here. Was it you who decided the net had taken over your life, or was it the trouble and strife?

I think we all know the answer. He, he.

Michael Turton said...

Trouble and strife is a signal, Paul, that something is wrong.


M. said...

This is a little bit sad for me as I have just discovered your nice blog today. This August I will do my first travel to Taiwan :-) Perhaps I will find some useful informations here on your pages.

I think I can understand what you mean. Anyway. Thanks for blogging from and about Taiwan and good luck for you.

Kerim Friedman said...

Take it easy, you've been going at an amazing clip and I'm surprised you've been able to keep it up.

Enjoy your break!

chyn_in_DE said...

Michael, I would very much miss your daily posts and opinions, but priorities are priorities and we shouldn't lose sight of the good things in life. Politics suck no matter where you go, and we don't always have to talk about sordid subjects. Your blog has a good mix, I'd be very sad to see it go.

Please let us know what you're up to from time to time!

STOP_George said...

Michael, as my favourite blogger in Taiwan -- I selfishly plead that you turn the lights on here as much as possible!

I gain so much from reading your posts!

Thank you and all the best in the "outer-blogosphere".

MJ Klein said...

i am lost without the Man in Black....

Jonathan Benda said...

I'm not surprised to hear this, Michael, and I can certainly understand. I hope that it won't be a permanent exit, though--maybe just a vacation will allow you a different perspective on it.

Take care!

Hai Tien said...

You've done some excellent work Michael, this blog is one of my favorites out there. Hope to see you around from time to time.

Eric said...

What a pity for us! I have been a daily visitor to your blog since it started, and a frequent one to your Taiwan site since before that.

Daniel W said...

I know the feeling. Enjoy the sense of freedom, and the time to reassess.

Ed en Vadrouille said...

I was starting to wonder how could you be so prolific and still get a life.
Time to sort out what's really worthy for you!!

I allow myself about 2 to 3 hours/week on reading foreign posters in Taiwan, and it's been well spent, in big part thanks to you and your "centralizing" action (i.e. your weekly round up, and the links on the side of your page), it would be sad to see you go!!

Paul Noble said...

Sorry for my naughty comment. I'll miss your posts while your getting control again.

Is there a Bloggers Anonymous group out there somewher?

Michael: "Hi I'm Michael and I'm a blogaholic. It's been 2 hours since I last had a blog."

Group: "Hi Michael."

Angel said...

Enjoy your time, you are the best blogger and thanks for answering all of my question so fast !!!!!

Todd Alperovitz said...

I had wondered how you managed to juggle your work, blogging, and family life.

Thanks for the great teaching English in Taiwan site, I don't think I would have gotten here nearly as smoothly as I did without it.

Although I will miss the massive-multiple posts per day you supply to readers, I am much happier knowing that your life will be heading in a better direction.

Good luck.

北川景子 said...

Balancing life isn't about quitting net all together. It needs a balance of things such as healthy food, exercise, and yet still have time for fun on the computer. One hour a day is obviously enough to do what is needed on the internet.

Sean Reilly said...

Thanks for the blog round-ups, Professor, even when I didn't make them.


Taiwan's Other Side said...

I'm sorry to hear that things are not well.

Perhaps cutting back to a regular, limted posting schedule would help to give you some control.

Ian A. said...

What about all your loyal fans!? We'll have to riot!

Joel Haas said...

Glad to see you trying for some better balance.

Blogs should be about your life--not your whole life.

While I can take a little politics once in a while, I hope you rebalance to posting more about your family, life, and work in Taiwan.

Geoff said...

Reading your blog has become a daily routine for me. I have learned so much about so many aspects of Taiwan, far more than from any other media.
I can only guess that you have realised that your youngsters demand "some" of your time!!! Well my friend, that will increase exponentially until they leave home!
Yes, work, kids, wife and self all have to be looked after, and the bodies beautiful will suffer if you dont do it well.
Thanks Michael for all of your excellent work. And I think that you have to thank your tolerant wife too..
Best wishes, geoff

Michael Turton said...

I'm sorry to hear that things are not well.

Thanks, TOS. I appreciate this very much.